André Masson
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André Masson was born 1896, in Balagny, France; he died in Paris, the year 1987. It was 1924 when he met André Breton and was invited to join the Surrealist Movement. The encounter prompted the use of automatism in his work. In 1934 he married Rose Macklés, sister of Sylvia Macklés, who in turn married George Bataille, from whom she divorced to marry Jacques Lacan. Different legends tried to trace the ways in which Courbet's "Origin of the World" made it's way into Sylvia Macklés hands, but the legends seem to contradict each other. Say we stick with the one that says that Sylvia was the one to give the actual painting to Lacan… Lacan put the painting in his country house - at Guitrancourt - inside a wooden box with a sliding door, and André Masson was asked to paint a sketch of the Origin of the World on this sliding door..

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