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Summer-Fall 2004 lacan dot com readers top 20

1. Rogue States:
   The Rule of Force in World Affairs

   by Naom Chomsky,
   South End, 2000.

2. Orientalism
   by Edward Said,
   Harvard, 2001.

3. Taliban:
   Militant Islam, Oil
   and Fundamentalism in Central Asia

   by Ahmed Rashid,
   Yale, 2001.

4. Ethics:
   An Essay on the Understanding
   of Evil

   by Alain Badiou,
   Verso, 2001.

5. Biohazard:
   The Chilling True Story
   of the Largest Covert Biological
   Weapons Program in the World

   by Ken Alidek,
   Delta, 2000.

6. Empire
   by Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri,
   Harvard, 2001.

7. Covering Islam:
   How the Media and the Experts Determine
   How We See the Rest of the World

   by Edward Said,
   Vintage, 1997.

8. The Best of Times:
   America in The Clinton Years

   by Haynes Johnson,
   Harcourt, 2001.

9. Did Someone Say Totalitarianism?
   Four Interventions in the Misuse of
   a Notion

   by Slavoj Zizek,
   Verso, 2001.

10. On Belief (Thinking in Action)
    by Slavoj Zizek,
    Routledge, 2001.

11. Propaganda and the Public Mind
    by Naom Chomsky, David Barsamian,
    South End, 2001.

12. Lacan and the Political
    (Thinking the Political)

    by Yannis Stavrakakis,
    Routledge, 1999.

13. Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal
    by Ayn Rand,
    New American Library, 1984.

14. Imagined Communities:
    Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism

    by Benedict Anderson,
    Verso, 1991.

15. Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry
    by Robert Michael Ignatieff,
    Princenton, 2001.

16. Blowback:
    Consequences of American Empire

    by Chalmers Johnson
    Owl Books, 2001.

17. The Prince
    by Niccolo Machiavelli,
    Bantam Classics, 1984.

18. The Coming Anarchy:
    Shattering the Dreams of Post Cold War

.    by Robert Kaplan,
    Vintage, 2001.

19. The Clash of Civilizations
    and the Remaking of World Order

    by Samuel P. Huntington,
    Touchstone, 1998.

20. Unholy Wars:
    Afghanistan, America
    and International Terrorism

    by John K. Cooley
    Pluto, 2000.


Spring-Summer 2003 lacan dot com readers top 20