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Paris, Thursday, October 4, 2001, 16h30

Paris, 1 Oct (LPA) - During the Institutional Conference of the Ecole de la Cause freudienne, held on Sunday morning, 1, rue Huysmans in Paris' 6th arrondissement, J.A. Miller announced a Conference to be held in Paris, this coming February, under the aegis of Ornicar ?, open to all, the French psychoanalytic movement and the international alike. The conference will be entitled: 'L'avant-printemps de la psychanalyse'.

Paris, 2 Oct (LPA) - The publication of Ornicar ? will begin again with a new formula. There will be a bi-annual volume of some 300 pages, in the format of Lacan's Seminar. The first volume will be out in time for the February Conference.

The Program, prepared by J.A. Miller, is as follows:

To the reader
Jacques Lacan, Hommage rendu a Lewis Carroll

Dominique Laurent, Desidentification d'une femme.
Patrick Monribot, Erotique d'Ecole
Marie-Helene Roch, Epure d'un mouvement

Francois Regnault, Notre objet a
Eric Laurent, Avaler la pilule
Jean-Claude Maleval, La psychanalyse suscite-t-elle des pathologies iatrogenes ?

Francois Leguil, Du style
Serge Cottet, Sur Ferenczi
Marie-Helene Brousse, Du ravage

Miquel Bassols, Raymond Lulle et la psychanalyse
Sophie Marret, "Tandis qu'il lourmait de suffeches pensees"
Anne-Sophie Janus, L'epreuve de l'escalier chez Robert Aldrich (fin)

Dominique Laurent, L'avenir d'Aimee
Monique Amirault, Le cas Gaston Chaissac
Marie-Helene Briole, Croqueuse d'homme

Daniel Roy, Phenomenes de corps dans la psychose infantile
Viviane Durand, Quand j'etais petit, je m'etais noye
Francoise Kovache, Pierre, l'enfant aux dentelles
Dominique Jammet, Quand ca ne passe pas
Marie-France Premon, Un defaut de ponderation
Isabelle Cordier, Le syndrome Tupperware
Catherine Vacher, Tomber enceinte
Camille Cambron, Complaisance
Mireille Dargelas, Un doigt coupe
Jean-Pierre Klotz, śtre dans le coup
Edith Magnin, Ne touchez pas a mon T O C
Genevieve Bouquier, Douleurs a contretemps
Anne-Marie Brossier, Le parcours du combattant
Jacques-Alain Miller, Conversation sur les embrouilles du corps

Paris, 3 Oct (LPA) - The Ornicar ? Conference will be held over the 8, 9 and 10 of the coming February (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at the Palais des Congres de la Porte Maillot. None of the auditoriums that accommodate 2000 people are available in February, so the conference will take place in the Blue Auditorium (820 places) with a live link-up to the TV rooms (approximately 400 places). A certain number of places will be offered to the different analytic groups in France, for possible registration before a certain date. The same option will be open to groups from abroad, whether or not they belong to the Freudian Field. After this date, these places will be at the disposal of the organisation.

The Conference bookshop will be selling all the available psychoanalytic publications, as well as psychiatry publications and others relating to mental health. A selection of recent publications from all domains of culture and science will also be proposed.

The whole Conference will take the form of a plenary session. Each intervention will be fifteen minutes. The speakers will be invited to debate with each other and take questions from the floor. The time will be divided into sequences. Among the themes of these sequences will be: Psychotherapy does not exist / On a peace treaty between psychoanalysts / What can psychoanalysts contribute to society and politics? / Terrorism and Conformist Terror / Psychoanalysis and the family / Medication: its damaging effects, its good use / The psychoanalyst-writer

Paris, 3 Oct (LPA) - Notice of the Freudian Field Conferences 2001-2002. The first will be held on Thursday 25 October at 8pm, in the Lutetia rooms, Paris 6eme. It will be announced by J.A. Miller, on a theme as yet undecided. The second meeting, consisting of two conference-debates, will be on Saturday 17 November, from 2pm to 7, in the Concorde-Lafayette rooms, Paris 17eme.

Paris, 4 Oct (LPA) – You do many things at once, is that right?

- Many things and always the same thing.

- Who will be invited to participate in your February Conference?

- I don't object to anyone, none of those who, whatever their method, explore 'The Freud Continent', that is, the dimension of subjective experience that Freud opened. I challenge those who try to give credence to the idea that psychotherapy deserves to exist in an autonomous way, independent of psychoanalysis.

- What do you expect from Ornicar?'s new formula?

- The volume due out in February was prepared during the first half of the year. After the subsequent volume, I'm going to open it to all 'currents' of psychoanalysis, in France and the rest of the world. Criteria: novelty, utility, clarity, rigour, style. Anti-criteria: opacity, invalidity, confusion, waffle, harping on about the same old thing. I've been trained to read papers.

- And who decides on the quality?

- I'll give you Medea's response: "Me, Me, I say, and that's enough." It's from other reviews.

- Might you be referring to a monthly review. Is it going to happen?

- It's happening. "That's good, Jacques-Alain", Roland Barthes once told me, as I handed him the Cahiers pour l'analyse, "your review's slim, at least it'll be read." The monthly review's going to follow the Barthes model. It'll be addressed to the 'non-idiots', in the sense of enlightened opinion. It's not going to be a review of psychoanalysis like Ornicar ?, but a Parisian review, which will be one of the organs of intellectual reawakening. I've asked Nathalie George, who left the Editorial Direction of La lettre mensuelle de l'Ecole de la Cause freudienne at the end of her term of office last year, to see to the editing. Seuil have responded to my appeal, and will be distributing it to the bookshops. Management of subscriptions will be carried out by l'entreprise Huysmans which comes under the control of the ECF. Issue 1 is going to be in the bookshops at the end of January.

- Another question: who's Marcio Giovannetti

- Marcio is the new president of the Sao Paulo Psychoanalytic Society, Brazil's largest (with 700 members and candidates). But, above all, for me, he's a friend. The one thanks to whom I was able to attend the IPA congress in Barcelona, since it was he that signed my registration form. I met him at the table of Jorge and Betty Forbes in Sao Paulo, and it was during the course of this dinner that we had the idea of all meeting together in Barcelona. When the French contingent of the IPA's Executive Council made a fuss about me being there, dear Marcio was given a very rough ride, and unjustly, since I'd insisted that he get the green light from his high protector – who was not Horacio Etchegoyen. So, I was very happy that the SPP site included a text from Marcio. It's a good redress for the humiliation he suffered in Barcelona for having given me his approval.

Marcio came to attend the third of the four Lectures that Francois Leguil, an ECF member, gave in Sao Paulo this week, at the invitation of Jorge Forbes, on the theme of 'Psychoanalysis and the Psychotherapies'. In the discussion Marcio took the floor to give a long commentary, saying that he agreed with the speaker, and raising a question that seemed to him to be fundamental: "What is a psychoanalyst?" Then he invited some members of the Brazilian School of Psychoanalysis (AMP) for a drink at his place: Celio Garcia, from Minas Gerais, Romildo do Rego Barros, from Rio, Sandra Grostein and Mr Peter de Souza, from Sao Paulo. This morning Jorge informed me that they spoke about my Letters, and the new responsibilities of Marcio himself, who is running the IPA's Committee of International Exchange from now on.

- So you are receiving news from all corners of the IPA?

- Not at all. The IPA is still very jealous of its privacy. Very 'Carbonara'. I was able to meet my very charming IPA colleagues in Brazil through Jorge Forbes. In Argentina, I know members of the Córdoba Society through the intervention of Diana Paulozky. In Buenos Aires, I know Esther Krieger and Maria Teresa Reyes from the APA. I first met Raquel Zak de Goldstein, Willy Baranger's favourite student, at the Barcelona Congress, and she has since become a personal friend, whilst also being a long time intimate of the Kernbergs. I had the pleasure of dining with Abel Fainstein, the new president of the APA, and his partner, with a common friend, Maria Leonor Solimano of the EOL, and her husband. Owing to Mme Fainstein's first name, Aida, we spoke a lot about first names. In the PA of BA, I believe I can say that the Secretary of Science from the previous Bureau is a friend: we sealed our friendship at the Relais Louis XIII, rue du Pont-de-Lodi. After the paper, which I gave at his invitation, my wife and I were invited to dinner with the members of the Bureau, in the Association's magnificent building. On the wall, there were beautiful photographs of the previous presidents. At the Lacan conference, Carlos humorously cited the epithet of 'Zulu' that I'd given myself. I set apart my friend and, if I may put it in this way, my 'maitre en malice', Horacio Etchegoyen. That is a first class unsaddling, one's never right when one argues with him! I always prefer to agree with him when he's there.

- He's not Lacanian.

- Not at all Lacanian. He's a Kleinian, trained in Argentina, with a spell in London with Meltzer. He has his own ideas about everything. He reads Lacan, he appreciates Lacan, he likes me to recount anecdotes about Lacan, Lacan's certainly influenced his conception of psychoanalysis, but he's not Lacanian: he's Horatian. I'd love to be able to introduce him to the French public by publishing some of his work. The SPP, the APF, could also be employed there. His bibliography's sufficiently substantial for there to be some for everyone! It's regrettable that he isn't known over here.

The second Monsieur Denis prize will be awarded in the next bulletin. The competition is tough.

Translated by Adrian Price

Edited by Susana Tillet

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